First case of Coronavirus registered in this country, now preparing for lockdown.

Almost the whole world has come under the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries including America and Britain have reached the fourth wave of Corona. However, in the midst of all this, there are some countries where corona cases have not been registered so far.

One such country so far was Tonga, a country in the Pacific Ocean, where not even a single case of corona was registered in the last one and a half years. But on Friday, Tonga was also out of the list of Kovid-free countries after some passengers were found to be corona infected.

According to the government of Tonga, a passenger from Christchurch, New Zealand was found infected during corona testing. This passenger had both the corona vaccines and his corona report came negative while boarding a flight from New Zealand.

But the passenger was found corona positive during testing in Tonga. He is currently kept in quarantine in a hotel. Since this is the first corona case in the country, the government is considering imposing a lockdown to prevent the risk of further infection.

Not a single case of corona was found in Tonga before Friday. Despite this, 86 percent of the citizens of the country have taken the first dose of corona. On the other hand, 62 percent of the people have also got the second dose.

Tonga Health Minister says that the countrymen have been very responsible and that the crowd at the vaccination centers is likely to increase after the corona case comes out.

The Polynesian country of Tonga is made up of 170 southern Pacific islands. About one lakh people live here. This country is located 800 km from Fiji and 2380 km from New Zealand.

However, Tonga is not the only country where corona cases were not registered so far. Apart from this, there are many other countries where corona cases have not been reported so far.

The United Nations so far recognizes 193 countries in the world. Corona cases have not been reported in 10 of these countries till date. The first name is of North Korea, where no corona case was registered.

However, scientists doubt how accurate this figure is under dictator Kim Jong-un’s regime. Apart from this, Turkmenistan, another country in Asia, has also said that there is not a single case of corona. Doubts have also been raised on this.

The rest of the countries are Tuvalu and Nauru, which are island countries with small populations. Corona cases can be stopped easily only by banning those coming and going from here.

On the other hand, some other small islands that have been part of another country or have taken the status of a separate island country despite being dependent on them. These include Niue, Kiribati, Federated States of Micronesia, Cook Island, Tokelau, St. Helena. However, the population of all these is limited to 10 thousand to one lakh.

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