Shraddha Kapoor and Bhuvan Baam Song ‘Kill Chori’, trending on youtube

YouTuber Bhuvan Baam and Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor’s music video ‘Kill Chori’ has gone viral since its release. The music video titled ‘Kill Chhori’ has been released on the occasion of Diwali. In this video, Bhuvan Bam is seen dancing with a Bollywood actress for the first time. The duo is making a splash in the audience.

‘Kill Chhori’ song trending on YouTube!

The song ‘Kill Chhori’ has been trending on YouTube since its release. It tops the trending list. Also, it has received 20 million views in just 24 hours. The song has been filmed in connection with Diwali.

This could be this year’s special Diwali song. It shows the love chemistry of Bhuvan Bam and Shraddha. Shraddha Kapoor looks very beautiful in the song, while Bhuvan Bam also looks very beautiful.

Bhuvan is considered to be the largest YouTuber in India. His popularity is no less than that of a big celebrity on YouTube. A star like Shraddha came along, that there will be a commotion! In this video, Bhuvan is seen dancing with each other in a pink dress and Shraddha Marun in a colorful dress.

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam is also in the news for his web series ‘Dhindora’. His web series is very popular among the viewers. During his promotion, Bhuvan had brought together all the big YouTubers. Everyone had come together for the promotion of Bhuvan’s series. 3 episodes of this series are being streamed on YouTube.

The song by Bhuvan Bam and Shraddha Kapoor has been released on the YouTube of Free Fire India Official. The song ‘Kill Chori’ is sung by Ash King and Nikita Gandhi and the music is composed by Sachin Jigar. His words are written in the air. “We wanted to bring a comedy song that would have a party mood,” Sachin Jigar said in an interview to a website. We hope the audience will like it. As always, Rasik will shower love on me.

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