Nykaa IPO: Falguni Nair the founder of Nykaa, becomes the richest self-made woman in the country

Falguni Nair, founder of beauty startup Nykaa, has become the richest self-made woman in India. Nykaa had a great strong listing on Wednesday. The stock market warmly welcomed this IPO. This information has been given in the latest data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Nykaa shares up 90%
Beauty and fashion retailer Nykaa’s IPO has made its investors rich after listing on Wednesday. With this, with the listing of Nykaa in the stock market, its founder Falguni Nair has joined the list of richest women in the country and the world. Shares of Nykaa have registered a rise of nearly 90% after the listing.

Falguni Nair’s half stake in Nykaa
Falguni holds nearly half the stake in Nykaa. With the listing of Nykaa in the stock market today, Falguni Nair’s wealth has reached $6.5 billion and she has become the richest self-made woman in the country. Notably, FSN E-Commerce Ventures is the parent company of Nykaa.

Nykaa has a market capitalization of 1 lakh crore
The company’s market cap reached Rs 1 lakh crore on the listing of Nykaa itself. Former investment banker Falguni Nair started Nykaa in 2012. As of 31 August 2021, the Nykaa app has been downloaded 5.58 crore times. Nykaa had a net profit of Rs 61.9 crore in FY21.

Whereas in comparison to this, Nyka had to bear a loss of Rs 16.3 crore in the financial year 2020. Nykaa started its first physical store in the year 2014. As on 31st August 2021, FSN E-commerce has a large chain of 80 physical stores in 40 cities across the country.

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