PUBG New State Launched in India Simultaneous launch in 200 countries, Download now

KRAFTON has finally launched its game PUBG: NEW STATE globally after a long wait. PUBG: NEW STATE has been made available for both Android and iOS in over 200 countries.

The trailer of PUBG: New State can be seen on the YouTube channel of PUBG: NEW STATE. Crafton has launched the new avatar of PUBG Mobile, Battleground Mobile India.

PUBG: NEW STATE is based on the theme of how the world will be in 2051. PUBG: NEW STATE may have been launched in 200 countries including India, but Indian users are facing server problems due to which they are unable to play the game. PUBG: NEW STATE can be played on consoles apart from mobile and PC.

Download For Android: Click here

Download For IOS: Click here

PUBG: NEW STATE is introduced with three different game modes which are Battle Royale, 4v4 Deathmatch and Training Ground. Players will also get ingame rewards.

The company has also organized a four-day stream party which is starting from November 12 and will go on till November 15. Influencers like Mortal, Scout, Dynamo, Tanmay Bhatt will attend the party. The Play with Friends campaign is also being started from 15th November.

Even before its launch, PUBG: NEW STATE had received 55 million registrations. Its registration started in September this year. During that time the company had said that players who pre-register for PUBG: New State in India will get free vehicle skin forever.

PUBG: New State has been prepared for the year 2051. The game will give you a glimpse of the vehicles, weapons, new maps and more to come in 2051. This game is published by Krafton which is a South Korean video gaming company. The same company is operating the new avatar of PUBG in India, Battleground Mobile India.

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