Youtube Big Change for Users, New feature Launched Know more 

YouTube is going to make the biggest change on its platform from today i.e. November 11. You will no longer see the number of dislikes on YouTube from today.

In such a situation, there will be no point in disliking a video, although YouTube’s decision also has a disadvantage that people will not be able to express their displeasure over a video. Simply put, real feedback will no longer be available.

On this decision, YouTube says that this will reduce the harassment, because sometimes people dislike a video even after being prejudiced. The number of likes found on a video in bulk is called a YouTube dislike attack.

YouTube said in a statement that the number of dislikes will no longer be publicly visible, although users will still be able to dislike a video by clicking the dislike button. Even after this decision of the company, creators will be able to see the number of dislikes in YouTube Studio.

YouTube was testing it for a long time and it is going live. Sometimes dislikes are also used as clickbait. YouTube says smaller creators have trouble making the dislike count public. Many times big creators dislike their videos in large numbers i.e. dislike attacks.

Earlier, Instagram had hid the like count due to a similar problem. Instagram also said that people target people through dislikes. Many a times, people’s mental problems increase due to booing. In such a situation, it is advisable to remove the dislike count.

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