Cryptocurrency News: Important meeting today on the future of cryptocurrencies in India

There has been a lot of excitement in India regarding the issue of cryptocurrencies. Last week, a meeting in this regard was held on November 13 under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Now today again the parliamentary committee is going to meet on this issue.

According to several reports, it is being said that the government may introduce a bill regarding cryptocurrencies in the winter session. This is to be discussed in today’s meeting. This meeting is to be held today at 3 pm.

The meeting was held last week under the leadership of the Prime Minister.
The central government seems to be fully aware of cryptocurrencies. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, a meeting has been held on this issue on November 13.

In this meeting, after consultations with experts from various countries and around the world regarding cryptocurrencies, it was discussed. Now the government has made up its mind to take a big decision on this issue.

Preparing to introduce the bill in the winter session
According to the report, the central government is preparing to introduce a comprehensive bill on cryptocurrencies, which is likely to be introduced in the upcoming winter session of Parliament.

According to the report, a parliamentary committee is likely to take an important decision after considering all aspects of the crypto industry within closed doors today. This is the first time that the committee has invited crypto industry stakeholders to formally discuss the issue.

RBI has told crypto a big threat
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das said in a statement last week that there has been no change in the RBI’s position regarding virtual currency.

We have major concerns about cryptocurrencies, which we have communicated to the government. He said that investors also need to be very cautious about digital currency. This can prove to be a big risk. Das had said that these are a serious threat to any financial system, as they are not controlled by central banks.

Digital currency is banned in China
Significantly, China has imposed a complete ban on digital assets. However, according to the report, the Indian government is in favor of a regulator on cryptocurrencies even after the RBI’s warning. That is, instead of banning cryptocurrencies completely, India will keep a close watch on it.

Tax indications on earnings from crypto
Earlier, the Revenue Secretary, during an event, had also indicated that income from cryptocurrencies could be taxed in the bill. There is a possibility that capital gains tax could be levied if there is earnings from cryptocurrencies.

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