The United States today approved the covid booster dose for all 18-year-olds and older.

The United States today approved the covid vaccine booster for those 18 years of age and older. Pfizer and Modern, which produce the vaccine, have issued a joint statement.

The use of this booster dose has been recognized at a crucial moment. Now the cold month is beginning. Corona patients and other patients are likely to be hospitalized after the cold snap across the country. Approval of this dose is important as the number of corona patients is likely to increase, said Stephen Bansell, CEO of Modern.

An important step by the  Biden government
The Food and Drug Administration has authorized Modern and Pfizer’s covid booster shots for adults. The Biden government plans to give the general public an extra dose of corona. Against that background, this decision is considered very important.

Meanwhile, the booster dose has been approved two months late. Researchers advising the FDA had rejected the government’s plan to distribute booster doses from September 20, citing errors in data on third doses.

FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock did not call a meeting to discuss the companies’ reports last week. He had agreed to give a booster dose without calling a meeting. Moderna had issued a statement two days ago approving the booster dose for the second time. The company has since announced that today.

As the epidemic intensifies, the agency is stepping up its efforts to protect the public. “Booster shots are the best way to prevent hospitalizations and deaths,” Woodcock said.

Booster doses are yet to be officially distributed at the Corona Center. However, now that the booster dose has been approved, it is being said that this dose will be given to the citizens soon.

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