Flipkart Entry in Medicinal industry you can now order medicines online

Flipkart, one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies, has also entered the healthcare sector. You can now order medicines online from Flipkart.

For this, the company has provided a new facility called Flipkart Health Plus for its customers. For this, Flipkart has entered into an agreement with Kolkata-based Sastasunder.

“We are now offering our customers the opportunity to purchase medicines and other health-related items online,” Flipkart said in a statement. Under Flipkart Health Plus, customers will be able to purchase medicines from Flipkart.

For this, we have entered into an agreement with Sastasunder, a company based in Kolkata. Under the deal, Flipkart will buy a majority stake in Cheap. The agreement has been signed by both the companies.

Supply of 490 types of medicines
Sastasundar, meanwhile, is an online pharmaceutical and healthcare provider, currently offering over 490 types of medicines to its customers. The CEO of the company said that the main objective of the company is to provide good quality medicines to the consumers at the lowest possible prices.

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