What are the symptoms of Omicron variant? 5 times stronger than Delta variant

News that is very important and related to your health. Corona’s Omicron virus has been found to be 5 times stronger than Delta. So it will work no matter what. Follow all the rules. Use masks especially.

A new type of corona virus, Omicron. This is the biggest headache facing the world right now. The World Health Organization has also expressed concern. The efficacy, lethality of this virus is much higher than that of cake. It has been researched in other countries, including South Africa.

According to him, it is 6 times more powerful than Delta, which means contagious. This type of virus can weaken your immune system. According to a New York Times report, the virus is highly contagious. It can neutralize vaccines and natural immunity.

According to experts, the Omicron virus changes its form very quickly. Never before have so many changes been seen in any virus. In particular, scientists say the virus is genetically distinct from beta and delta. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Delta has been described as the most contagious type of virus to date. However, monoclonal antibody therapy was used. However, this therapy is not to be used on Delta Plus. Monoclonal therapy has also been shown to be ineffective in the treatment of coronavirus omicron.

These are the symptoms

The virus was first identified in South Africa. “I first saw the symptoms in a young person,” Angelique Koetzi told the BBC. Who was 30 years old. The patient was very tired. Headaches. There should be pain all over the body. His throat was sore.

However, he did not have a cold. Taste and smell are not recognizable to him. However, these symptoms are reported by observing a few patients. He did not say exactly what the symptoms would be in a large group or in more people.

Dr. Coetzee said a man in South Africa was infected with the new covid-19 virus. Investigated his entire family. However, unfortunately all the members were infected. Yet they had very mild symptoms. Such patients do not need to be hospitalized immediately. They can also be treated at home.

Omicron in these countries

The Omicron virus, found in South Africa, has spread to many countries. Patients with the virus have been found in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong. So once again the emphasis is on masks, safe distances and increasing testing. The possibility of such a patient being found in the United States is also being expressed.

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