Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft sold nearly half of his shares.

Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft Corporation, sold nearly half of his shares last week. Nadella sold 8,38,584 shares of the company, according to federal securities filings. Nadella received 285 million from the transaction. It is said to be the largest stock sale by Nadella.

Nadella sold about 840,000 shares of his Microsoft stock for personal financial planning and diversification. It is also committed to the company’s continued success and its holdings exceed the holding limits set by the Microsoft Board of Directors, “a Microsoft spokesperson said in a written statement.

Satya Nadella was appointed chairman of Microsoft’s board of directors in June. After that, the fate of Microsoft company changed. Nadella made Microsoft one of the most successful companies in the world. He focused on cloud computing. It will also be sold to large enterprises, he added.

The company is currently trading at 2.53 trillion market capitalization, according to a Mint report. Importantly, the company has been trading at around 780% since Satya Nadella became CEO.

The Corona epidemic caused many large companies to shut down. However, Microsoft’s business grew even more during this period. Because, during this time many companies bought equipment from Microsoft company to work from home.

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