Silicon Valley: Why all the big startups in the world start in Silicon Valley? What is special here? 

Technological advancement has changed the whole world in the last few decades. From internet, smartphones to the world’s best gadgets, our work has become very easy. For this reason, today’s era is being called the era of digital and technology.

However, the big reason behind these changes is many great startups, which have created the fabric of a new era. Even today, many startups are happening on a large scale in the world, which will work to give a new direction to the future.

It is worth mentioning that Silicon Valley is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name of startups. The head offices of big tech giant companies around the world (Google, Facebook, Intel, Oracle, Apple) are here.

Not only this, more than 30 thousand small and big companies related to IT sector are working here. The startups of many large companies operating on a large scale around the world have taken place in Silicon Valley.

In such a situation, the question arises that what is so special in Silicon Valley, which all the big startups of the world start here.

The most important thing about Silicon Valley is that almost all the startups here have been massively successful. Although there are many startups in different places around the world, they are not as successful as they are in Silicon Valley.

The big reason behind this is that startups get the entire ecosystem here to grow. Silicon Valley is largely home to billionaires with the best mindset. In such a situation, whenever they like a startup, they invest in it without delay. Due to this, startups get full opportunity to flourish when they get investment.

At the same time, electricity, cheap internet and many special facilities provided by the government create a complete ecosystem to nurture startups. Due to this, the startups started in Silicon Valley soon get a big market in the market and soon the company gets a big position.

According to a report by think tank Joint Ventures, there are 29.7 lakh people living in Silicon Valley. The average annual salary of people working here is $ 1,16,033. If we look in Indian rupees, then the employee working here gets a salary of Rs 6.38 lakh every month.

Apart from this, many special facilities are also provided by the companies to the employees. Because of this, the best talent from all over the world prefer to come and work in Silicon Valley. In such a situation, companies get a special advantage from it. It is for these reasons that the world’s biggest startups start in Silicon Valley.

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