Alert! Dr. Paul Burton said Delta and Omicron combine to form another deadly virus

The Omicron version of the Corona has caused concern around the world. Concerns have been raised by the possibility of an expert. Omicron has been the leading cause of infection in the United States since the virus was discovered in Africa.

It has replaced the Delta version. But what if these two highly contagious versions of the virus come together to form a super version of the virus? Modern chief medical officer, Dr. According to Paul Burton, this is a possibility.

He was speaking before the Science and Technology Committee of the British Parliament. If one is infected with the Delta and Omicron versions at the same time, it is possible.

Details are available. Research from South Africa has shown that both versions of the virus have been found in people with strong immune systems, he said.

Delta and Omicron infections are found in large numbers in England. Therefore, the combination of these two viruses could lead to another dangerous version.

Although such combinations are rare, the possibility of a nutritious environment cannot be ruled out. Peter White of North South University has also given this warning. He said three examples of alpha and b.1.177 conjugation have been found.

Of course, there is no record of a large-scale infection from the malignant version created by such a combination, but researchers are still keeping an eye on these changes.

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