Bollywood Actress Daughter hot and bold look know about her

Very few people know the name Charu Asopa, but if you are a lover of beauty and fashion, you must have heard this name. Charu Asopa is the daughter-in-law of Sushmita Sen. But this Vahini gives her own Nanda a big hit in terms of beauty.

Charu Asopa has a beauty and fashion sense that makes any look, any dress look beautiful. If you ask her what is the most attractive of all, it is her charming skin that always looks fresh. Her skin is always shining like a diamond. But she also works hard for it.

Two more attractions of Charu’s face are her beautiful eyes and plump lips. Today, let us learn about the beauty secret behind Charu Asopa’s plump lips.

Charu Asopa says that if you want plump lips, young women should scrub their lips regularly. Use a homemade natural lips scrub. Now if you are wondering how to make this lip scrub, Charu has also explained it.

Natural lip scrub is a mixture of sea salt, glycerin and rose water. After using it, your lips will start looking plump and healthy in a few days. See how simple the solution is, isn’t it? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Only natural lip balm should be used for this. For your information, when you buy lip balm from the market, try to make it transparent.

This type of lip balm is considered good. If you want to use natural lip balm, use honey or cream. This will also benefit you a lot and keep your lips healthy.

Charu says that when applying honey on the lips, a certain method should be followed. Scrub the lips first. Then do a facewash. So that you don’t have to do face wash after applying honey. Otherwise the moisture of honey will also be washed away with it. After scrubbing, apply honey on the lips and massage lightly.

Then apply honey on the lips for 3 minutes and leave well. Then wipe the lips with a damp cotton or cotton handkerchief. After that you can use lip color if needed. Congregation, if you also want lips like Charu Asopa, then definitely try these tips given by her.

Charu Asopa is a strong believer in home remedies. All it takes is the right knowledge. That means you don’t have to buy anything from outside and put it on your face.

Charu makes it clear that there is no point in wasting money going out for a need that can be met from home. Here are some special beauty tips and secrets for plumpy lips that young women can try at home and the exact effect will be seen.

Explaining the secret of your glowing skin, Charu says that makeup causes skin damage. The best way to properly remove makeup is to use coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on the face as a makeup remover.

Then clean the skin with a napkin. You do not need to wash your face. Now squeeze a small towel soaked in lukewarm water and apply on face for 1 to 2 minutes. This will completely clear the pores of your skin. Now you can do facewash.

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