48 Passengers have tested Corona positive on World Largest Cruise Ship

The world’s largest cruise ship, the ‘Symphony of the Sewer’ (Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas) corona has entered.

On this cruise, 48 passengers have tested positive for corona. According to reports, one passenger tested the other passenger after the corona tested positive. Out of a total of 6000 passengers, 48 ​​passengers tested positive. At present, these coronated passengers are being quarantined and their health is being taken care of.

The Symphony of the Sewer is a cruise ship of the American company Royal Caribbean Group. It is said to be the largest cruise ship in the world. Thousands of passengers travel on these cruises.

The cruise ship arrived in the US coastal city of Miami on Saturday carrying passengers. Much effort was put into preventing the corona from infiltrating the cruise.

All sorts of rules were followed. But despite all these efforts, 48 ​​people were found to be infected with the corona. All of these symptoms are said to be mild.

The cruise company, meanwhile, said 95 percent of those present on the cruise had received a dose of the corona vaccine. Of those who tested positive for corona, 98 percent received both doses of the vaccine. So everyone has protection against the virus, but still 48 people have tested positive for corona.

This has certainly raised concerns, but it is not a good sign for the cruise sector. The sector was greatly affected during the Corona period. But as conditions began to improve, people began to flock to the cruise.

Now with 48 passengers coming positive, there could be a loss in this area. In the meantime, who among these coronaviruses has been infected with Omicron? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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