New part found in human body: Scientists in Switzerland have discovered the area in th body

In the modern age, human beings have got to know about the human body, but many things are still unknown. Research is underway.

One such piece of research reveals the mystery of an unknown part of the body. No such part of the human body has been mentioned before. Scientists in Switzerland have discovered the area, claiming it to be the largest discovery of the century.

This new part found in the human body is found in the deeper layers of the jaw muscle. The masseur muscles lift the lower part of the jaw and play an important role in chewing food.

The Modern Anatomy TextBook mentions two layers, the deep and the very top of the mass; But this third layer has now been found. The research is published in the online edition of the science journal Annals of Anatomy.

Scientists conducting the research said that it was mentioned in historical texts. So he started a study to find this organ hidden in the jaw muscles.

To do this, they saved 12 human corpses in formaldehyde and studied the heads of those corpses, finding shocking results. Thyroid: Do you also take thyroid medicine? Then know these things first.

They saw a different part at a distance from the place mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Scientists then performed a CT scan of 16 fresh bodies and compared them to an MRI scan of a living person.

Meanwhile, they noticed this third layer in the jaw muscles. This deep layer is formed by a zygomatic process. This process tightens the soft bones of the cheeks. These muscles are on the back of the cheek, scientists have said.

This deep part of the muscle is completely different from the two previously known layers, helping to stabilize the lower jaw, said Szilvia Mezi, a lecturer in the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel in Switzerland and author of the dissertation.

Hey Dad! Lice that crawled around a young woman’s neck; Seeing Leki’s condition, mother did this job! ‘Anatomical research has been very extensive in the last 100 years; But still some things are mysterious.

Therefore, this discovery can be considered as one of the most important discoveries of this century, ‘said Professor and Dr. Expressed by Jens Christoph Turp.

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