Tata Motors first car tata Sierra to be launched in Electric form

The first Tata Motors car was introduced by industrialist Ratan Tata in 1991. The Tata Sierra was Tata’s first car. Now this is the first car to be re-launched in the Indian market in the form of an electric car.

Tata will be bringing new cars in the near future, including the Tata Sierra electric car. The Sierra was unveiled by Tata at the Octo Expo 2020 as a ‘concept vehicle’.

Now the same design is going to be introduced in Tata EV. This will be Tata Motors’ first electric car.

Tata Electric is at the forefront of the Tata car vehicle category, with Tata Motors developing a new Sigma platform for electric vehicles. Tata Sierra will be based on this platform. Currently the company’s Nexon EVs and Tigor EVs are built exclusively on their petrol engine platforms.

The new Sierra is expected to get a new door combination, while the old Tata Sierra used to get 3 doors. However, it is not yet clear when the Tata Sierra will hit the Indian market. It is expected to hit the market by 2025.

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