Google Doodle: Fatima Sheikh, the first female teacher in the country, happy birthday!

Today (January 9, 2022) is the 191st birthday of Fatima Sheikh, the first female teacher in the country. On this occasion, Google has honoured Fatima Sheikh Birthday Google Doodle with a doodle.

The Swadeshi Library was started by Fatima Sheikh in 1848 along with the social reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. This library is said to be the first school for girls in the country. Fatima Shaikh was born on this very day, January 9, 1831, in Pune. She wanted to stay in Pune with her brother Usman.

The contribution of Mahatma Phule and his wife Savitribai Phule in women’s education is known all over the world. With the sentiment that girls should learn, these two social reformers laid the foundation for women’s education. For this, both of them endured the beating of stones, stones and dung on their bodies. He was opposed not only by the community but also by the family.

The Phule couple was kicked out of the house by their father in protest of educating the poor and destitute. At that time, Usman Shaikh and Fatima Shaikh gave shelter to both of them.

The Swadeshi Library was established in the house of Fatima Sheikh. It was here that Fatima Sheikh and the Phule couple launched a campaign to educate the poor, the weak, the deprived and the Muslim women.

Fatima Sheikh used to go to the door and invite the girls to his house for study. Fatima Sheikh wanted deprived children who are far from education to come to the library and study.

Fatima Sheikh had devoted himself to the work of women’s education like a flower couple. They had to face opposition in this work of women’s education. Many tried to disrupt their work. But Fatima Sheikh continued her work uninterrupted.

What is Google Doodle?

Google doodles honouring outstanding personalities on important days in the country. On this special day, doodles are created by making animated changes to the Google logo, called doodles. Google is also creating doodles to raise awareness on various topics.

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