Corona updates India: 1 lakh 79 thousand 723 new patients were found in the last 24 hours. 146 people have died.

Corona is spreading rapidly across the country. 1 lakh 79 thousand 723 new patients were found in the last 24 hours. 146 people have died. According to the Ministry of Health, 13 lakh 52 thousand 717 tests were conducted in the country on Sunday (January 9).

At present, there are 7 lakh 23 thousand 619 active patients in the country. Corona’s daily positivity means that the infection rate has gone up to 13.29 percent. Meanwhile, the number of omicron patients in the country has come down to 4,033. As the number of patients increases, so does the concern of the health administration.

Meanwhile, about 300 policemen in Delhi have been infected with the corona, according to the Delhi Police.

On the day of Yadhi, the number of patients had increased by 1 lakh 59 thousand 632 in 24 hours. This is the highest patient growth in 224 days. Besides, 327 patients were stung on Saturday, and 40,863 were cured, the health department said on Sunday.

A booster dose of the corona vaccine is being given from Monday (Dec. 10). In the first phase, booster doses are being given to healthcare workers, frontline workers, and patients above 60 years of age.

The Maharashtra government had announced some restrictions due to the growing contagion of omicron. It allowed the salon to continue, but the beauty parlor and gym were closed by the state government. The decision of the state government has caused controversy in the state and there was a huge reaction on social media. Finally, the state government has issued amended orders amending the disputed restrictions. According to the new revised order, beauty parlors and gyms along with salons will be allowed to operate conditionally in the state from January 10.

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