NeoCov; A new virus discovered by Chinese scientists, What WHO said

The discovery of a new incarnation of the corona in the tigers of South Africa has created an atmosphere of fear. A team of researchers in Wuhan, China, has discovered the incarnation of the corona in South African tigers.

This new incarnation of the corona is called NeoCov. The virus could pose a threat to humans in the near future, according to a study by Chinese scientists. There is a large family of corona viruses, which cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe respiratory syndrome (SARS). The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that it was aware of the new incarnation of the corona. But can this virus really be dangerous to humans? This requires further study. ‘

The Russian news agency TASS also said, “Why can’t this new virus pose a threat to humans? It requires study. ‘ The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that “75 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted to humans by wild animals.” The corona virus is most commonly found in animals. Which includes bats.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has thanked Chinese researchers for presenting a preprint of their findings. According to studies, NeoCov can enter the human body just like a corona. NeoCov, meanwhile, is just one mutation away from being dangerous to humans, according to researchers in the study, which was published in the preprint repository. 

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