Space wedding will be a dream come true: American company made space balloon, will be able to get married at one lakh feet height; One trip for 93 lakh rupees

Florida’s company Space Perspective designed a space balloon
From 2024, passengers will be able to travel, the trip will be of 6 hours

Now the dream of space wedding will also come true. Marriage can be done at a height of 1 lakh feet by sitting in a space balloon. Florida-based company Space Perspective has designed a special type of space balloon. Its size is comparable to a football stadium. 93 lakh rupees will have to be paid for traveling by space balloon once. This journey can be done from 2024.

Will take 8 people at once
The company claims, many people have also booked for this journey. And some people have chosen it for wedding. The space balloon will carry 8 people at a time. This journey will be of 6 hours. Advance booking for this has been started from the last week of June. According to the company, it can also be booked for corporate events and celebrations like birthdays.

These facilities will be available

  • While traveling by space balloon, you will be able to see the earth at 360 degrees.
  • The balloon will also have a bathroom for bathing, as well as a bar and Wi-Fi access.
  • On reaching its fixed height, it can be seen up to 725 km all around.
  • You will be able to order breakfast and cold drinks during the flight.

Testing was done in June
The company had tested the balloon in June this year. It was released from the Space Coast Spaceport near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. This balloon has been named Neptune One. The company claims that bookings for spaceflight have been done till 2024. Bookings are now being made till 2025. Bookings can be made directly by visiting the company’s website.

Safe and comfortable travel
The company says that seeing space in the future will be like traveling around Europe. There is no need to wear any special clothes for this. Sitting in it would be like sitting in a plane. Its journey will be safe and comfortable.

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