Olympic’s Soorma: Tokyo’s quota won in Rio, Sanjeev Rajput will play Olympics for the third time

Quota won in Rio Olympics, gave to another but did not lose courage

After 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, Sanjeev Rajput also won the Olympic quota for the 2016 Rio Olympics, but gave his quota to someone else. Then he felt that his years of penance had been mixed in the soil, then it was said that he has become old, now he will not be able to do it. That time was very restless. Emerging from this, he strengthened himself and went on to win the silver medal in the World Cup in Rio and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

This time no one came forward and now at the age of 40, Sanjeev Rajput of Jagadhri will play his third Olympics. Sanjeev Rajput says that trying to squeeze his life’s experience into this Olympics is also confident that he will be successful in winning medals for the country. Instead of making any changes in technology, they are engaged in improvement. Despite being unable to make it to the finals in the last two Olympics, preparations are seeing made to deal with the pressure of the final round by working harder this time.

Father had said- my son will not do the wheelbarrow: Sanjeev Rajput’s father Krishan Kumar’s financial condition was not better. They used to set up food stalls for income. One day someone interrupted him. What are you teaching the son too, only then did he decide, no matter what, Sanjeev will study and move forward.

With this thought, he was enrolled in SD Public School, Jagadhri. Sanjeev, who was ahead in sports along with studies, had a feeling of patriotism in his mind. After completing 12th class, gave exam for Navy and got success. Father Krishna Kumar is now convinced that the son will definitely be successful and will get a medal for the country. He also responds to every criticism with the best performance.

Shooting learned during the training of the Navy became life

During the process of enlistment in the Navy, he was thrilled when he practiced gun-wielding in his initial training. After this, whenever there was an opportunity in the Navy, he would train. When he made his interest known to the higher officials, he inspired them to pursue it as a sport. After that started the routine practice. After 3 years, the happy moment came, when he did wonders in Pakistan. Won three medals.

On this, the then President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf had also congratulated him. This success was repeated by winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Shooting Championships in Melbourne. This trend continued for 15 years. Won the Olympic quota for the third time with a silver medal in the 50m three position rifle at the World Cup. Earlier in 2008 and 2012 also he has represented the country in the Olympics.

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