Allegation on Adani Group: Adani Group branded the airport in its own name, rectified on AAI’s objection

Adani Lucknow International Airport Limited, Adani Mangaluru International Airport Limited and Adani Ahmedabad International Airport Limited, three of the Adani Group companies, have been accused of violating branding and logo norms at Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Mangaluru airports.


Allegation: Pressing AAI’s name-logo at three airports in violation of conditions, promoting its companies’ advertising, branding

It has been found in the allegation that promotion, display, advertisement and branding of group companies were promoted by suppressing the name and logo of Airports Authority of India (AAI) at the three airports. The companies, however, denied any wrongdoing under the terms of the agreement.


In January 2021, the AAI formed three separate committees for a joint survey of the billboards and displays at the three airports. Each committee had four members, including an executive from an Adani group company (managing the airport), an officer from the Centre-run Engineering Projects (India) Limited and two AAI officials.


These committees found in the investigation that there was a violation of the terms of the agreement in terms of branding and display. AAI says that after the allegations were found to be true, the three companies have started making changes in the branding and display as per the terms of the agreement.


AAI names and logos were not prominently displayed

The committee for Lucknow Airport, in its report given in the last days of January, had said that Adani Airports was written on both sides of the hoarding of Lucknow International Airport on the road leading to and from the airport. The names and logos of AAI were not prominently displayed on other displays of the companies that manage the airport. The committee formed for Mangaluru and Ahmedabad airports also found violation of this rule.


First AAI name and logo required

Under the agreement, promotion, display, advertising and branding are to be done in the name of the airport itself. If the companies operating the three airports want to display the names of themselves or their shareholders in public places, then the name and logo of AAI will come first.


The error was revealed in December 2020

The Adani Group had entered into an agreement with AAI in February 2020. The command of all three airports came into the hands of the group in October and November 2020. In December 2020, AAI found that the branding and display at all three airports were not as per the terms of the agreement.


Adani Group claims, agrees with AAI on branding and other aspects

A group spokesperson clarified, “AAI and Adani Group have mutual agreement on common branding and other aspects. As per the agreement, the logos of both the AAI and the operator shall be displayed in the same size together.

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