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Meet with the world’s leading digital goodie bag Supplier at International Confex

Our digital alternative Fanomena Events addresses the challenges that 90 percent of event organizers confront: personalised communication in addition to activation and gratification of both sponsors and exhibitors.

We’ve developed a distinctive and leading digital seminar & event bag technologies that contributes to over 78% discussion and involvement levels of your participants and people with advice for your event and participating advertisements from the exhibitors, partners and sponsors.

— 100% true participant targeting thanks to individualization and personalization

— 30% resource and cost savings

— over 70% opening Prices

Famous clients like Facebook, O’Reilly, Westjet, Red Bull or even Infront use our strategy to substitute their own traditional advertising approaches like brochures, flyers and swag bags using a sustainable and measurable alternate.

Sounds intriguing for you?

Then meet us in person and see us in the International Confex at London from 25th to 26th February at London and let’s show you the way you can digitize your next event.

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