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The government threatens to hover over the jobs of Omani Indians and orders it to do so

New Delhi: lives in Oman Bad news for people from other countries, including Indians. In the coming times, foreigners will not be able to become part of government and public sector jobs in the country. In this context, the Oman Ministry of Finance issued an order last week. In that order, she was asked to initiate the process of admitting Omani citizens to government jobs instead of foreigners. It means saying that local citizens are now being replaced by foreigners in jobs.

However, the order issued does not come into force immediately. It can take at least a year for the government to take action at grassroots level. According to information received by WION, government companies in Oman will propose in the next budget year how they should fill the place of the foreigners with local citizens.

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In fact, the government’s cease and desist policy is almost 30 years old and aims to provide jobs to the local public. While the government offers employment to the young population through the Sons of Soil policy.

The question now is how many Indians will be affected by this step by the Omani government. According to one source, “most Indian workers are workers (who work in a particular industry) who work in the construction sector where this rule does not apply.”

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According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 7 lakh 70 thousand Indians in Oman, including 6 lakh

There are thousands of workers. Omani government figures 617 at year-end 2019,

I told you.

On the other hand, Oman is particularly concerned with the Indian community in the global epidemic corona virus crisis. Indian envoy Oman Munu Mahawar told WION last week, “I would like to thank the Oman government for the way it cares for the Indian community. The government of Oman also offers food in restricted areas with free tests and treatments. “

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