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This new Android feature doesn’t work everywhere

Clearly recall your phone call. That will soon be possible on Android.

If you are making an important phone call, it is helpful to take notes. Before you know it you will forget the most important things in such a conversation. Especially if the telephone conversation is long-term. Android is going to give you a hand.

Android will get a recording function to record phone calls. However, due to privacy legislation, the function cannot be used everywhere. According to XDA Developers, the rollout of the feature has started. Several Nokia’s in India could already use the recording function.

The feature comes to devices running at least Android 9 . You must also have the latest version of the Phone app installed. Unfortunately it is not known in which countries the feature works and in which countries it does not. It is not allowed everywhere to just record a telephone conversation.

Recording a phone call via Android is not a secret. For example, the party on the other end of the line receives a short message that the conversation is being recorded when you turn on the function. This way, no one will be surprised and there is no sneaky thing. Recorded calls are stored locally on the phone and not via the cloud. It is not known when the public rollout of this Android function will really start. However, with a release in India this doesn’t seem to be far away anymore.

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