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UK To Have Its First Womb Transplant Medical procedure By The Year’s End

The surgeon in the UK is planning to carry out the first womb transplant procedure before the year ends. Clinical lead, Mr. Richard Smith, Charity Womb Transplant UK, added that they are planning to use living donors for the operation.

Earlier in 2015, the UK government has approved 10 cases of womb transplant, but in these cases, the donor is deceased, whose hearts were still beating. Now the team is looking forward to using both cadaveric and live donors.

Consultant gynecologist, Mr. Smith, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, London, said, “The procedure of retrieving the living womb is now safer and simpler, with a small surgery which takes 4 hours to complete, increase the possibility of using live donors.”

The team of researchers was approached by approximately 750 women, about the procedure of transplantation. The Womb Transplant UK organizations say it has funds available to effectively carry out 3 surgeries of womb transplant, but to carry out further 15 transplantations will require funds, and 5 are from living donors out of 15.

A number of approximately 6K women born without a womb in the UK and other women lose their uterus to cancer. Currently, surrogacy is the only method of having a genetically-related child.

A review held in global level shows that the procedure of transplanting a womb is a major advancement, but it certainly needed thorough clinical trials. Mr. Smith told the BBC that they are having a preliminary test, before selecting the patient for the procedure.

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