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Vaccine for Brain Cancer growth Could Expand Patients’ Life by Years

The latest research study proclaimed that a vaccine could increase the lives of individuals suffering from the aggressive form of brain cancer.

The researchers are studying the brain cancer from past 11 Years. The study involved more than 300 participants worldwide. The paper is published in Translational Medicine. Early findings of this study demonstrated that the patients with the vaccine support were living longer than expected.

The treatment for people with glioblastoma uses the immune cells of a patient to target their tumor. The Brain Tumor Charity proclaimed that the initial results of the study were extremely promising.

The trial involved about 331 patients with glioblastoma. In addition to standard care, 232 participants were injected with the DCVax immunotherapy vaccine on regular basis. The remaining group of patients was given a placebo. The manufacturer of the trial vaccine DCVax is the American company Northwest Biotherapeutics.

The research study uncovered that patients involved in the trial had successfully survived typically for more than 23 Months after surgery. About 30% of research study participants were declared as “extended survivors.” They were gifted with a lifespan of an average 40.5 Months after surgery. The longest-lived patients with this treatment managed to survive for more than 7 Years.

He further proclaimed the need for advanced analysis of data from the trial. He added the obligation of more research in this area, which will ascertain the role of immunotherapy in the battle against brain cancer.

On a related note, Northwest Biotherapeutics recently announced that Linda Powers, CEO, Northwest Biotherapeutics, boosted the company $1 Million of funds. Reportedly, the amount has reached a total of $5.4 Million this year to date.

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