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Windows 7 users are whining they are being told they don’t have any permission to shut down their very own computer

For the previous 24 hours more, Obviously, they have been in a position to do this normally from the past which only deepens the puzzle. It might need to push a fix, obviously, regardless of the end of official support for Windows 7. Plus it take care not to present another showstopping bug whilst doing this.

Not unless it needs to be accused of using these approaches to induce folks to update to Windows 10, which can be a recipe for a suit. Numerous causes and workarounds are demonstrated but not all them work for everybody.

Microsoft has only recently acknowledged that it has obtained testimonials, not that it’s confirmed the matter. Microsoft has officially stopped support for Windows 7 however it seems that it’s being made to keep on doing this anyway and it’s only itself to blame. Though the EOL for your operating system ensures it doesn’t offer security upgrades and bug fixes, it does not indicate it’d leave Windows 7 computers unusable.

Yet that seems to be true as the amount of complaints regarding abruptly broken Windows 7 computers grow, such as one which is preventing users from shutting down in any way.

Owners of computers running that model were suddenly greeted with a black background they obviously objected to and quite vehemently. Microsoft conceded but one more and more severe difficulty seems to have cropped up.

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